11:03 PM

Makin' Mama So Proud

Random conversations courtesy of these oh so hilarious children of mine

PMS: "He was puking and it was like there was a battlefield of vomit behind me"

Gadget : "It was a really good movie. You know why? I actually understood what was going on."

Blog title lyrics courtesy of MGMT - Kids

5:27 PM

I'm Going To Light Up The World

It's a new year (using my stellar Sherlock skills on that one)
It's a new blog (that I neglected in it's fledgling first month...again, stellar)
It's a new Flickr account (due to my drunken naming of the old accounts URL years ago)
And as I sit here having the laziest day ever, I am resolute to do many things.... (starting tomorrow)

I am going to regain:
 - my passion for photography
 - my passion for self confidence
 - my passion for writing

and most of all.....my passion for peace. World peace? Ya, that would be nice also, but mostly the peace that I crave is within.


I'm leaving bitterness behind
This time I'm cleaning up my mind
There is no space for the regrets
I will remember to forget

Just look at me
I am walking love incarnate
Look at the frequencies of which I vibrate
I'm going to light up the world

Peace will come to me
Peace will come to me

Blog Title lyric brought to you by Depeche Mode

1:27 PM

The Final Countdown

As 2009 comes to a close, I am once again faced with my ever increasing skill talent folly of not finishing things I start.
I wanted to jump back into the blogging life and thought that Gwen Bell's Best of 09 Challenge would be a perfect way to do that.
Apparently, perfection only lasts eleven days.

So, on this last day of 2009...amidst party preparations and snowfall and contemplating my life in it's entirety, I have resolved to FINISH THIS DAMN LIST.

I know....you are quivering in anticipation.

Day 12: New Food - Having lived in small towns most of my life I have been relegated to limited food choices...that being A&W or McDonalds. Finally living in civilization has brought me many culinary delights and the favourite has to be Vietnamese. Mmmm....Spicy Satay Chicken Noodle Soup. Thank you for burning by lips, making my eyebrows sweat and causing me to roll out of the restaurant like a big fat Buddha ball.

Day 13: Best change to the place I live - Unpacking my boxes....finally. Seeing familiar things in this house that is now "ours" not "his".

Day 14: Rush - Really haven't done anything that brought out the adrenaline this year...must rectify.

Day 15: Best packaging: Juice packaging designed by naoto fukasawa

Day 16: Tea of the Year - For me, simple...Peppermint Green Tea. Nothing fancy, just good old AHHHHHH

Day 17: Word or Phrase that encapsulates the year: Floundering

Day 18: Shop: This year was a year of non-spending...in theory. But where did the mad money go? What little of it there was went to books and craft supplies. So Chapters and Michaels are the winners.

Day 19: Car Ride: As previously mentioned, best car ride of 09 was a spontaneous trip to Montana.

Day 20: New Person - She's not really new to me as I have known her "online" for four years. We only met in person for the first time this summer, but Miss D has changed my life in the biggest way possible. From the far off sunshine of Florida, this matchmaker set me up with the man, the myth, the legend, Rico. And for that, she's not only the best new person of 09, she's pretty much the best person for life.

Day 21: Project - a project I started this year that I'm proud of? Well there are many many MANY failed, attempted, thought about and forgot projects...so...ya. Ask me again when I finish this damn list.

Day 22: Startup: What's a business that you found this year that you love? Hmmm...ya....blank. when you only leave the house twice a week you don't really find to many new businesses. Does Wok Box count?

Day 23: Web Tool: Something that has helped my online experience? I finally joined the decade and got myself a Blackberry. Now I can waste time WHEREVER I may be.

Day 24: Learning Experience: It's been a tough year of learning for me. Learning that I still am way too impulsive, learning that I really don't have any marketable skills, learning that I let myself wallow WAY TOO MUCH, learning that I really don't know what I want to be when I grow up....but most of all learning that I am truly blessed in so many ways despite how I feel about myself.

Day 25: Gift. What's the gift you gave yourself that keeps on giving? - Allowing myself to take the time to figure it all out. It's been interesting, and I can't help but feel I've wasted most of it and that this time to reflect is going to come to a crashing halt and that I better get it together....fast. (because Jesus is coming and he looks pissed)

Day 26: Insight or a-ha moment. My biggest epiphany of the year was that I wasn't doing anyone any good by staying at a job that made me (and consequently anyone around me) miserable. Jumping out of it to ensure my vacation plans stayed intact wasn't the best move of 09...but it made for a beautiful summer.

Day 27: Social Web Moment: Meeting Miss D after talking to her through blogs, flickr and facebook was the social web moment of the century for me.

Day 28: Stationery - I hold an irrational reverence for all things stationery. Paper, pens, staplers, glue....these are the things that make me pee in my pants a little bit. Rediscovering my long packed paper stash was a stellar moment. (Yes, I realize how positively loser-ish that is to some people, but I KNOW that there are plenty of others who share my orgasmic love for these things.)

Day 29: Laugh: Biggest Belly laugh of 09? Still waiting for it. It may just happen tonight.

Day 30: Ad - What advertisement made you think this year?  Hockey, coffee, generational differences, multiculturalism...What could be more Canadian? This advertisement caused some debate for me. Many people thought it was endearing and honestly....it just PISSED ME OFF.Watch...discuss. Let me know what you thought of it.

Never show your child that you care about what's important to them? Let them think you are a total dickhead? 20 years later lovingly show up at the grandchilds game and finally tell your own kid that you were there all along? Grab a cup of coffee and all is well and forgiven? Canadian? No. Asian? Yes. Totally. Trust me....lived it.

Day 31: Resolution you wish you'd stuck with - .....ALL OF THEM.

Blog lyric title brought to you by Europe. 
Da da da da....da da da da da

12:01 PM

Bloggitus interruptus

This blog has been interrupted by snotticus phlegmican.
Once I arise from my Nyquil induced writers block I shall resume.

I know...

you're waiting with bated breath.

Be brave.

12:56 PM

This Must Be The Place

Day 11 of Best09 Challenge is The Best Place.

The best place for me in 09? Anywhere near this guy.

Blog title lyric courtesy of Talking Heads (but here is MGMT cover version for kicks)

6:53 PM

Something Infinitely Interesting

Day 10 of the Best09 Challenge is Album. What's rocking your world?

I like my mindless music as much as the next pop radio listener, I bop along with the pop tunes and dance tracks whilst driving through traffic. (did I really just type whilst?) When I want to really LISTEN to music however, I turn to one band....Incubus. 2009 was a fantastic year for me because Brandon and the boys released Monuments and Melodies. I am not such a snob that I cannot appreciate and SQUEE to the point of annoyance about a greatest hits compilation.

The night that my cousin Beanaz and I saw Incubus a few years ago was epic.  On the drive there we were rocking out to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy". Fast forward through beer gardens, getting as close to the stage as possible, being squished to near oblivion, dancing my legs off and in all likelihood having the guy behind me masturbate during AnnaMolly (I SWEAR TO GOD!!)

Beanaz and I apres beer, pre-dancing and pre-masturbation debacle:
Incubus DHB

The lights suddenly went dim, and ominous organ music started. I frantically looked around for Beanaz and rejoiced as I heard Brandon bellow "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life...."

I was thrilled when I saw that Incubus had included their version of Let's Go Crazy on Monuments and Melodies. For your listening pleasure:

 I cannot possibly pick a favourite Incubus song, but here is a sampling in all their Brandon glory


Pardon Me - Acoustic at Much Music

Blog title lyric courtesy of  Incubus - Echo

11:01 PM

Imagine the Sensation of a Teenage Occupation

Day 9 of Best of 09 Blog Challenge is Challenge. Something that really made you grow this year. That made you go to your edge.

Something that made me go to my edge?

This one.
Fifteen years old.
The fact that she made through 2009 without being:
  1. sent to a military school for girls
  2. sent to a convent
  3. sent to an early grave by her mother
was more like a miracle rather than a challenge. The challenge was for me not to drown away in the tears that I shed trying to figure out where I lost the chubby faced cherub and was suddenly saddled with this....teenage nightmare who was in essence ME twenty some years ago. Karma, she's a bitch indeed.

* Blog Title lyric courtesy of Sweet